Is it time for your dental check-up and teeth cleaning? 
There are a number of reasons to put off going to the dentist. But now that the sun is shining, you probably want your teeth to shine as well. At Custer Family Dental & Ortho + kids we understand that you may be apprehensive but we have many comforts that will make you feel at home.We have a coffee bar and large flat screen TVs in every room that you can watch during your dental cleaning. 
We promise a comfortable, fast,and friendly experience of all our neighbors in the Frisco and McKinney area.

What to expect?
Typically, you will have your dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist. The process is normally very fast as long as you have been keeping up with your oral hygiene and 6 month dental cleaning visits.The longer time between visits the longer your visit will become because of the increase amount of plaque and bacteria that needs to be removed. 
Dental hygienists will use the newest technology to perform a wonderful teeth cleaning.They are trained to take minimal radiation x-rays and treat gum disease. During the appointment, the hygienist will use multiple instruments to remove the plaque, tartar, and bacteria from off your teeth. Then, follow up with a professional polishing material using a spinning brush head. Most patients are recommended to have fluoride treatment following there dental cleaning to help prevent cavities. Fluoride will remain active for several month but should be reapplied every 6 months during regular dental check-ups and exams. 
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